Fair Acres Homestead


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The Homestead is a happy place for hogs.  They are fed by hand twice a day, love to be scratched, and are raised with daily loving attention.  Our hogs are raised in the Salatin style, in woods where they have access to nuts, berries and roots. Between their natural habitat and gleanings from the garden, our hogs eat organic vegetables, plants and weeds, rooting to their hearts’ content.  They receive preventative treatment in the form of probiotics, and are antibiotic-free.


Piglets are available!  Come and choose one to raise for food or for breeding.  These babies are second generation non-gmo, soy-free, and are available as of March 2017, for $65 each, with discounted pricing for three or more.


This group of hogs receive non-gmo, soy – free feed to supplement their natural habitat.  Whole hogs available on a limited basis and we would be happy to discuss providing you with a half or whole hog for your freezer.   We will also raise a hog for you, and accept monthly  payments.

For a deposit we will raise a hog to slaughter weight for you.  When piglets are available we encourage you to come and pick out your own pig for us to raise.  We encourage you to visit your hog whenever you wish!  Please see our Whole Hog Contract (available upon request) for more information. Our non-gmo hogs are ready for slaughter at about 8 months of age and we aim for a slaughter weight in the 280 to 350 pound range. Upon payment of $2.50 per pound live weight we will deliver the hog to a humane USDA slaughter facility where the meat will be processed to your specifications and you will be responsible for the processing fees. All told, the meat you put in your freezer will average $6 to $9 per pound depending on your choice of processing.


This season we will be offering conventionally fed hogs that are antibiotic free and pasture raised. These hogs will be able to root and forage and will have supplements from our garden, and raised in a stress free environment. These hogs will sell for $1.25 per pound live weight and will go to the same USDA humane slaughter facility.20150926_081429