Fair Acres Homestead

About Us


Fair Acres Homestead, located in the farming community of Pelion, Lexington County, South Carolina, raises hogs and eggs for sale.  Our animals forage in the woods and fields, supplemented with non-GMO, soy-free, un-medicated feed.  They receive probiotics instead of antibiotics, and because their feed is soy-free they receive no added hormones.

At this time on the Homestead we have whole hogs and barbecue hogs for sale.  If you are interested in a whole or half hog for your freezer please contact us. Periodically, we may have available feeder pigs for sale, as well as suckling pigs.  The Homestead is a licensed egg distributor, and eggs are available for pick up on the Homestead. Limited delivery in the local area is available for an additional cost.  We are also registered for on-farm slaughter and sale of poultry, and fresh or fresh-frozen whole chickens will be available weekly beginning in mid-October, 2015. Follow our blog for updates on availability.


The Homestead is a blending of two families, brought together by God and washed clean by the blood of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Scott, a true southerner, is a hunter and a fisherman with farming in his blood.  His father, his grandfather and continuing back for generations, farmed the clay-land in Laurens County, South Carolina.  Kathy was raised on organic gardening, with deep roots in the fertile soil of the Connecticut River Valley, farming roots spanning generations to farms in upper New York State and across the pond to Ireland.  In this blended family we are blessed to have six children and just welcomed our fourteenth grandchild into the world.

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and by updates on our blog.  We welcome visitors and encourage you to come and see the difference in raising animals the way God intended.  We care deeply where our food comes from, and we invite you to come and see how your food is raised.