Fair Acres Homestead

Bunches of Apples

This fall the first 20 lb. box of organic apples were t-i-n-y,  so teensy that there were over 120 in the box! We had so many that we decided to start making apple butter for Christmas gifts. All that peeling and coring took a better part of the morning for the farmer and I, but when we were finished, we had a nice batch of apples to cook down into apple butter and as a bonus cores and peels with which to make apple cider vinegar.

Making apple cider vinegar is an easy-peasy task. Loosely pack those cores and peelings in Mason jar, leaving room for filtered water to completely covered them. Mix in one tablespoon of raw honey and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per quart jar.  I mix my water, vinegar and honey in a separate jar first to make sure the honey is dissolved.  Then just cover the jar (I use coffee filter papers and an elastic band) and place in a cupboard or corner out of direct sunlight for two weeks. In the photo below the two jars on the left are the vinegar starter.

After two weeks strain the liquid into another jar, cover again with the coffee filter, put back into your dark corner and stir daily for four weeks. A long time to tend, but a quick daily task.

You’ll be delighted with the scent of the vinegar brewing. When your four weeks are up (or longer if you’re not please the the acidity level) funnel into a jar and store.


Apple Cider Vinegar