Fair Acres Homestead

Will Someone Tell the Snakes it’s Still Winter

Snakes are a common occurrence on a farm and a snake is a mixed blessing. They eat the mice that get into the feed but their favorite meal is either eggs or baby chicks. We have determined a good healthy black rat snake can eat up to twenty eggs at a time! This gets costly with the non-gmo, soy-free feed we feed our hens here on the Homestead.

When a snake eats eggs it will swallow them and then drop off a high point to crack the shells. We have tried putting golf balls in the laying boxes and this actually did fool one snake last fall. But diligence in snake stalking is the way we’ve caught more.

So if you could tell the snakes it’s still winter we’d appreciate it!

Here are some past years’ catches:

This one was in with the baby chicks ….

This one got stuck in the electric fence and cooked itself ….
It ran, but not fast enough …..