Fair Acres Homestead

Eggs for Sale

The Homestead is a licensed egg distributor. Before you receive Homestead eggs, they have been inspected for shell integrity, weighed, washed and refrigerated. The date on the label is the date the OLDEST egg was laid. According to the South Carolina egg guidelines, refrigerated eggs last 45 days.

The Homestead’s laying hens are prolific ladies. Our hens eat non-gmo, soy-free feed, and roost in a coop each¬†evening. They spend their days inside an acre fenced area for laying, having woods and open land in which to range. Each afternoon after their laying time is done, they leave the fenced area and are out in the yard, scratching and foraging for bugs and tasty tidbits.

Eggs are currently $4.00 per dozen, and they range from medium to jumbo, with the “oldest” being sold first. Right now the “oldest” egg in our stock is five days old. Requests for specific sizes may cost more.

Eggs are available for pick up on the Homestead and we ask that you contact us to be certain we have the eggs you want and to let us know you’re coming.

Delivery in a limited local area is available at additional cost, but the following are pre-set meeting points:

**If you attend Calvary Chapel Fellowship in Lexington, we can meet for eggs before Wednesday night service, before Thursday Women’s Bible Study, or in between the 9 and 11 services on Sunday. (If you don’t have a home church, or a current Women’s Bible Study COME JOIN US!).

**Most Thursdays we have a 12:30 meeting spot at I-20 and Highway 1.

Please use the contact form to be included in one of the pre-set meeting spots.