Fair Acres Homestead

Babies on the Homestead

Approximately three months, three weeks and thirteen days ago, while the Farmer was in and out of the hospital, this Farmer’s Wife lost track of time and didn’t separate the young ladies from Little Boy, our 390 lb. boar.  Over the last ten days we have had thirty-one piglets born on the Homestead.  The four mamas are doing well, some more anxious than others in their new roles of motherhood. and it appears that we have sixteen gilts (farm language for girls) and fifteen boars (farm language for boys).

While the new little ones are adorable and your first instinct is to cuddle them, mamas are VERY PROTECTIVE.  These new mamas are used to being around me, but its not easy for me to get close to the little ones.  Many people want to come and see them, but that is really all visitors are able to do:  see them.  You can get close enough to be entertained but not close enough to touch.

Would you like to come and see them? Contact us:  by phone 803-351-3364, by using the contact form on this site, or messaging us on facebook, and set up a time to come and visit.