Fair Acres Homestead

We’ve Started Rebuilding the Website … Please Resubscribe

It has been difficult finding the time to rebuild the website after it crashed, but we’re working on it and have a couple of pages back up.  Thanks for your patience!  One thing we lost was our list of subscribers ….. please come back and subscribe again!  As those of you who were previously subscribed know, besides being the first to know what’s happening on the Homestead, subscribers also receive special private offers and deals ….


  1. Noreen Murphy

    So very happy to hear of your up and coming business. God is so good! May He continue to bless you as you continue to bless others. Will you be raising any goats in the future? I know my nephew drinks goat milk and we had a hard time finding it the last time he came to visit.

    1. Kathy (Post author)

      We’re not planning goats at this time and it’s a tremendous undertaking to get approval to sell raw milk of any kind. I’ve seen goats’ milk for sale at Earth Fare if you’ve never been there.

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