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Fermented Beet Tonic

And you say “Is she crazy or what!”  Fermented foods are good for you, putting healthy bacteria into your digestive tract.  People have climbed on the bandwagon with yogurt (another day we will discuss the health benefits of pasteurized fermented foods versus raw fermented foods); kombucha is a fermented drinks gaining fad status; kefir is not far behind.  Fermenting is a passion of ours – well, honestly a passion of mine, but the Farmer does enjoy a few of the fermented products.  On our kitchen counter we are brewing kombucha, and if you look in our refrigerator you will find fermented eggs, fermented mustard, fermented lemonade, fermented chilero, kimchi and, yes, fermented beet tonic.

A friend posted on Facebook today about dealing with kidney stones, and this is not the first time such a post has recently popped up on our newsfeed – it appears to be a common ailment! And so today we will share this recipe for fermented beet tonic which, according to Nourishing Traditions is a good treatment for kidney stones, as well as being a liver cleanse, which is where many environmental toxins get stored by our bodies.

To make the tonic, peel and coarsely chop three medium organic beets and place the beets, ¼ cup of whey and one tablespoon of sea salt in a two-quart glass jar. Add filtered water to fill the container leaving one-inch head space, stir well and cover tightly.  (We use a half gallon glass jar and these BPA-free Ball Regular Mouth Jar Storage Caps to securely cover, never using metal when fermenting foods.)  Let the jar sit at room temperature out of direct sunlight for two days.  You will know it’s fermenting when you see bubbles forming at the top of the liquid!  After two days refrigerate the tonic and drink a four-ounce glass in the morning and in the evening.  While I’m still developing a taste for beets, four ounces is easy to drink down.  One day I may even savor the taste!



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