Fair Acres Homestead

Raising Food the Way God Intended

A Season of Rest

Here on the Homestead winter is a season of rest. Many of our chickens molt during late fall and winter so they don’t lay eggs while they’re growing new feathers. Most of our breeds of chickens only lay one egg…
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Fermented Eggs

Here at the Homestead we have approximately ninety laying hens. Our hens eat non-gmo, soy-free feed and have approximately two and one-half acres inside their fence, where they are protected from predators and have woods in which to roam and…
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Hogs Raised Per Order

Here on the Homestead we have decided to stop breeding pigs.  As much as we enjoy the babies, keeping the breeders on non-gmo, soy-free feed is very expensive, and we don’t recoup the cost of feeding them when selling piglets….
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Columbia Delivery Route

The Homestead is creating a delivery route for Columbia weekly on Thursdays.  Right now we are only offering eggs, but future deliveries can include cuts of USDA Homestead pork and non-gmo, pesticide-free vegetables when they are in season. Our eggs…
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Wednesday Egg Delivery

Let us know if you’d like to meet Wednesday evening for farm fresh free-range non-gmo soy-free eggs $4.00 a dozen. Wednesday egg meeting spots: 6-6:15 pm at Piggy Wiggly on No. 6 at Two Notch, Lexington/Red Bank 6:30-6:45 at Calvary…
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Spring Has Sprung

After the cold snap last week, it appears that spring has sprung on the Homestead.  Our ladies are laying more eggs as the daylight hours get longer, new piglets are emerging to play in their yard, blueberry bushes took a…
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Homestead Happenings

We had a crash again … changed to a new server so praying it won’t happen again.  We’ve lost all your addresses … please resubscribe! We have Homestead pork again, restocked and ready for sale.  Check our store for cuts,…
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Under Construction

Our website is currently under construction after a server crash. Our order form is functional, but we are working on re-adding product descriptions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!